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DONGGUAN DLIXTECH CO., LTD is a manufacture specializing in producing and selling high quality tempered glass. Dlix entered business at tempered glass embryonic stage. Dlix is keeping researching and developing all kinds of high quality tempered glass. Dlix products are widely used in varieties of consumer electronic products such as smart phone, tablet,digital camera,ebook and so on.

Dlix is focusing on innovation. Dlix has imported high tech machine from overseas. Dlix have several automatic production lines, making Dlix can meet market demand of all kinds of high quality products. Dlix have better production machine and quality control process than other company in industry. We have received good feedbacks from all of our customers.  [more info]
Top manufacturing technology, Best quality
Dlix is equipped with high quality machine, professional production employee, premium production technology, strict quality control process, rich experience of production. we are keeping improving our products quality by doing all kinds of innovation all time. We can accept OEM cooperation model required by our customers.
Dlix having its own research and development team who contribute great value to our customers. Our R&D team is doing scientific and deep research about different markets. Owing to R&D team efforts, we are offering all kinds of products meeting different market demand and enjoying great popularity.
We specializes in tempered glass screen protector of following brand:
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